Fathers for the Fatherless

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The Mission

We ignite your calling by connecting you physically and spiritually with the cause of the fatherless and the heart of the Father.

FATHERS FOR THE FATHERLESS changes lives by exposing men to a cause beyond themselves. They are propelled to challenge themselves, cycling 100 miles, in response to our Heavenly Father’s heart for the Fatherless.

Join Us in 2023

Every man is called to be a father for the fatherless. Since 2019, hundreds of men have biked thousands of miles to fund local fatherlessness initiatives and provide 1.8 million meals to fatherless kids worldwide. Join our 2023 team to raise money and awareness for those without a father.

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2023 Locations


February 25, 2023
Jacksonville, FL


June 17th, 2023
Excelsior, MN

Twin Cities, MN

August 5th, 2023
Registration closes June 11th

White Plains, NY

August 5th, 2023
Registration closes June 11th

St Michael, MN

August 26th, 2023
Registration closes July 2nd

Dallas, TX

October, 28th, 2023
Registration closes August 27th

Oceanside, ca

November 4th, 2023
Registration closes September 6th


Anytime, anywhere!


November 19th, 2022
Registration closes Sept 11th


Anytime, anywhere!

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Six Reasons To Join The Movement

1. Fun

It's awesome jumping into the challenge of training and overcoming resistance to complete a century bike ride with a team of men.

2. Fitness

Health, strength & perseverance will grow and you'll be stronger after completing this challenge.

3. Fatherhood

Join a team of men who are learning and growing together. You will be encouraged with intentional fatherhood resources throughout this F4F journey.

4. Faith

This is a perfect opportunity to invite other men into a small step of experiencing God's love as we pray for the fatherless and for each other.

5. Friends

The training and team building preparation for this 100-mile bike ride is an awesome opportunity to grow deeper friendships.

6. Fatherlessness

We rally around the cause of the fatherless. We use our time, influence and finances to support that cause as we fundraise for partner non-profit organizations.

The Cause

F4F fundraising is split between local organizations and Venture, our international partner. Venture works with children who are without parents due to the longest standing civil war in modern history.
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We Want to Partner With Your Church

We partner with churches nationwide to connect men to a cause that pulls them out of their normal rhythms, challenges them, and strengthens their community in a way that benefits fatherless kids locally and globally. If you're interested in being a church partner, please reach out to us today!
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2021 Sponsors

Thank you to the following organizations for collectively contributing $15,000 to help make F4F100 happen!


2021 Sponsors

Thank you to the following organizations for collectively contributing $15,000 to help make F4F100 happen!