What is included in the Fathers for the Fatherless Registration Fee?

Your registration includes your F4F cycling kit (jersey + bib shorts), event planning, ride logistics and snacks at four team stops during your 100-mile ride.

are scholarships available to help with the registration cost or the purchase of a bike? 

We are thankful to be able to offer an F4F Scholarship Fund to assist with the registration cost and/or additional assistance towards the purchase of a bike. These scholarships will be approved based on the following three criteria: 1) An explanation of your current financial need 2) Availability of scholarship funds 3) Your commitment to join the F4F team is attempting to fundraise $750 for the fatherless. Please complete this F4F 2021 Scholarship Request Form to apply.

Is Fathers for the Fatherless only for dads?

Any of these seven categories for fatherhood are welcome to participate:
  • Expectant Dad - Pregnant with first child or trying to get pregnant
  • Rookie Dad - In the first 2 years of fatherhood
  • Young Dad - Oldest kid is under 7
  • Somewhat Experienced - Oldest kid is 7 to 12 yrs
  • Teen Dad - Oldest kid is a teenager
  • Wise Dad - You've got a kid that's 20 or older
  • Experienced Loss - You've lost a child or experienced a miscarriage or had stillborn child

I no longer want to participate, can I get a registration refund?

Since all extra funds from registrations are donated to the fatherlessness cause through Venture 501(c)3, registrations are categorized as donations and are non-refundable.

How do I update my address?

Please email your correct address to Jeremy Collier, Venture Miles Manager: jeremy@venture.org.

What about my fundraiser?

After completing your F4F registration, you’ll receive instructions to set-up your Venture Miles Fundraiser.

Where is your COVID safety plan?

We are closely monitoring and staying up to date with Covid guidelines for each location. You can be assured that we will follow all federal and state guidelines. A Covid safety plan will be shared with each rider 1 month prior to the event.